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Tensai integrates intelligent automation in IT management, enhancing agility, efficiency,
and user experience with comprehensive observability across on-premises and cloud environments.


Continuous Release Orchestration

Orchestrating Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment of applications with shift-left principles, including security and compliance at scale.

Build Automation

Autonomous Assurance

Shift-Left Security & Compliance

Release Orchestration

Infrastructure Provisioning

Value Stream Insights


Continuous Run Optimization

Propelling I&O automation, focusing on improving efficiencies, increasing speed, enabling resilience, delivering cost-efficiencies, and boosting revenue.

Intelligent Service Management

Prescriptive AIOps

Cloud Management

Enterprise Discovery

Data Resiliency

Cyber Security


Total Experience Automation

Enabling personalized hire-to-retire experiences with naturalistic engagement, enhancing organizational resiliency, and driving operational efficiencies

Experience Journey

Organizational Insights

Self Service Channels

Experience Accelarators


Dive into the world of tensai

A singular platform to drive seamless IT Operations transformation with unhindered visibility and insights

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Automate Everything® with holistic ROI visibility

Unleash the potential of our Automation Fabric, a robust framework driving seamless orchestration. Empowered by a centralized Bot Factory, it ensures the creation of consistent, high-quality automation solutions. Dive into the intricacies of our automation features, designed to streamline processes and elevate operational efficiency.

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tertiary speciality


AI-embedded smart solutions to ease your day

Our company proudly adopts an "AI First" approach, revolutionizing IT operations with our advanced GenAI ecosystem copilot. This innovative system synthesizes information from knowledge bases, meetings, SOPs, and discovery data, channeling it into an expansive GenAI data repository. Our master orchestration copilot processes requests from employees, customer service agents, and business users, providing real-time insights into system transitions and infrastructure health. By leveraging AI, we improve operational efficiency by 10x and reduce operational costs, continuously enriching data integration and ensuring we remain at the forefront of AI-driven solutions.

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tertiary speciality
tertiary speciality


Enterprise-wide KPIs concentrated to your needs

Navigate through our unified suite that aggregates data seamlessly across the entire IT ecosystem. Experience the strength of Platformization, delivering 360-degree persona-driven insights that enhance adaptability. Explore the comprehensive suite of tools and features that empower your business with holistic perspectives, making informed decisions a seamless part of your workflow.

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One platform for all solutions

Tensai®’s SaaS-based multi-tenant architecture provides an unequivocal competitive edge by allowing enterprises to seamlessly onboard all tools* from a robust product-agnostic ecosystem.

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Empowering Success: Customer Testimonials Highlight Tensai’s Role in Elevating IT Performance and Innovation.

A holistic overview/management summary to quickly identify any issues in our estate.

Energy Industry
Energy Industry


I am impressed with the aesthetics of the AIOps offering under the tensai 360-degree insights.

Insurance Industry
Insurance Industry

SRE Practice Lead

It looks very useful for ITO engineers and will be an added value for the team to correctly maintain our environment.

Social Networking Industry
Social Networking Industry

Director Infrastructure & SRE

The Operational Insights metrics are valuable. The feedback mechanism is very swift. I am looking forward to some of my ideas getting implemented in their quarterly release!

Energy Industry
Energy Industry

IT Services Manager

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